september . 3 . 2023

hi !! hello !! 🦋
i didn't know what to write for my first entry soo.. yeah, it took me a while to put anything here ; ;
i'm not sure if anyone relates but i always feel like what whatever i write in diaries has to be something fancy-looking or important, y'know ?
that aside, welcome to my diary where i write a bunch of my silly thoughts n a littl about my personal life !
there might be some pictures here n there, too 📷
i hope to keep this as consistent as possible ( i was thinking at least one to two entries every month )
i also wanted to reflect on my emotions. time goes by so fast n so i wanna write it all down 🖋
thank you for reading ..💕
how i'm feeling lately

🖇 status
art block is the worst n school isn't helping

💟 feeling
burnt out ; ;

🖇 working on
school work n coding

💟 listening to
ぴぽぴぽ by serani poji