🐑they / them
   🧦may 28

hello !! my favorite insects are moths especially the fluffy ones, they're just so cute 💕
if you want to interact with me,, i may be distant n quiet but it's not your fault .. i just struggle to talk to others is all, due to overthinking n nervousness. i'm grateful for the people for being patient with me n be here with me as i go through life .. overall, i would love to meet new friends online !! i'm a digital artist who finds geniune joy drawing cute things ( especially my OCs !! )✏️
i find it easier to truly express myself that way n that's what makes me happy.. i have a lot of interests which is a lot say but i'll just say it anyways; i adore anything cute such as j-fashion, antiques, aesthetics, baby animals & etc. you probably noticed just looking at this website tehe 💟
what made me started this website was purely from inspiration from others i admire, as i said i wanted to express myself so i created this website uhh.. however i don't really plan things that well sooo .. sorry if it looks like a mess ; ;
i may not do things as planned but i always try my best 🤍
my dream is to spread comfort & inspiration through my drawings 🖋

this is fwoofies ! they are basically the face for my socials n this website hehe 🦋
aaaa they're sooo cute i love them dearly ..
i don necessarily see them as my persona but i do find them very relatable especially their backstory i've created for them ! ( they're lore is a work in progress !! perhaps i'll show when i get it planned out.. ) fun fact : they're littl stuffed animal isn't a stuffed animal at all ! it's disguised n i'll make a sheet about them later .. if you want to create fanart for fwoof it is deeply appreciated !! n please tag me instagram, i'd love to see 💝